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Although pet insurance has become an increasingly popular way to help offset the cost of veterinary care, many still find it hard to come out of pocket with the entire amount of a bill and then wait to receive a check from the insurance company. That’s why we are pleased to announce we have partnered with Trupanion. We are even offering certificates for a Free 30 days’ worth of illness and injury coverage. To receive this benefit your pet must have been examined by Dr. Jones and you have 24 hours from the exam to activate the coverage. No credit card needed and the policy automatically cancels after 30 days if you don’t purchase coverage. So there is no risk to you!

Trupanion is an insurance company that pays for accident and illnesses only. They do not cover wellness care. The reason we have partnered with Trupanion is because in most cases they will pay the hospital directly leaving the client to only have to come up with 10% out of pocket! They are the only insurance company out there that does this. As with most insurance companies they do not cover preexisting conditions. So if within the last 18 months your pet has had an issue with an illness or injury it is possible it will be excluded.

For clients who are still looking for Wellness coverage along with accident and illness we have provided links to other insurance companies we are aware of. We suggest that if you are looking for pet insurance you contact each insurance company with your pets information and do a side by side comparison of what is covered, deductible, year/lifetime maximum payout amount and monthly cost.

If you have any question regarding insurance please contact the office at 813-962-1010 and we will do our best to help you.

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