Rabies Alert issued for Hillsborough County

Canine Flu - We vaccinate for both strains of the Flu virus. Please call for an appointment.

Leptospirosis - Your dog should have this vaccine if they have outdoor exposure. Please call for more information about vaccinating you dog.

Pet food recalls

Nylabone Recall

Bufo Toads - We are getting a lot of news coverage regarding the Bufo Toad and the danger is poses our pets. We want you as clients to be informed as to which toad is harmful to our pet population. Please take the time to look at the website on Bufo marinus. Pay close attention to the pictures at the bottom of the website as it shows the differences between the Bufo marinus (poisonous) and the Bufo terrestris (non-poisonous and native to Florida).

Canine Influenza

CDC information regarding the Flu Virus

Beneful - Purina's response to the class action law suit

AVMA's response to the Anti-vaccination movement