Boarding is another service Carrollwood Community Animal Hospital offers. All dogs are walked on a leash and normally are not out the same time as other pets. Cats are generally caged in one of our large cages while here unless an increase in boarding has limited the availablity of the large cages. You are welcome to bring anything you feel would make your pet more comfortable. We do have blankets, towels and beds for your pets comfort as well as bowls and buckets for food and water. If your pet is on a special diet we recommend that you bring their food with them. We do carry Royal Canin GI LF to provide to boarding patients if they don't have food with them. This diet is easier on their system when you are having to do a sudden switch. *WE DO REQUIRE ALL FIRST TIME BOARDERS COMPLETE A DAY OF TRIAL BOARDING PRIOR TO STAYING OVERNIGHT. 

Requirements for boarding a Cat - All cats must be currently vaccinated for Rabies if over 4 months old. We accept Rabies vaccines with either the 1 yr or 3 yr duration. All cats must current on their FVRCP vaccine, this vaccines is also available in a 1yr or 3 yr duration. They must have a current stool check (with in the last 6 months). If your cats has outdoor exposure a Feline Leukemia vaccine is also required. 

Requirements for boarding a dog - All dogs must be currently vaccinated for Rabies if over 4 months old. We accept Rabies vaccines with either the 1 yr or 3 yr duration. We also require Canine Distemper/Parvo (DHPP or DAP) either in the 1 yr or 3 yr duration, Bordetella and the Canine Flu Bivalent vaccine (H3N2 and H3N8). For the Canine Flu Bivalent vaccine the dog is required to at least have the first vaccine to board. This vaccine like most vaccines requires a booster in 3 weeks. You would be able to board your dog and we would give the vaccine the first day they are here. We also require a current stool check (within the last 6 months) and highly recommend a heartworm test.

* If your pet is not current on any of the above items we are happy to complete them for you. There will be an Exam fee of $55 on top of the vaccine or test needed. Please check with any of the staff for a price.

*All boarding patients will be checked for external parasites (Fleas and Ticks) when they are taken back. If the patient is found to have fleas or ticks we will apply a topical medication or give a chewable at the owner's expense. 

Drop off and pick-up times: MTWF 7:30am - 5:30pm and Saturday 7:30am - 12:30pm. We do request that you drop off/pick up your pet 30 minutes prior to closing in order to get them set up and comfortable.

* Since we are closed on Thursday and Sundays we are not available for pick-ups or drop offs. We do come in twice a day when we are closed to take care of our boarding patients.